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Machine Readable Visa (MRV)

Machine Readable Visa (MRV)

Foreign nationals of most countries require a valid visa to enter Bangladesh. Depending on the purpose and place of visit, bilateral arrangements, reciprocity, and visa category, the duration and entry permission may be different.



  • When applying for a visa, the validity of passport should be at least 6 months. The passport must have at least two blank pages and should not be damaged/ tampered in any manner.
  • Acceptance of visa application at the Embassy does not guarantee grant of a visa. The visa application may be accepted, modified or refused by the Embassy in its full right.
  • The Visa Fee is non-refundable, even if the application is withdrawn or visa is not granted.
  • Certain visa applications may need a closer examination requiring additional time to process. The Embassy reserves the right to withhold any application submitted for an in-depth examination.
  • Applicant may be called for an interview if it is felt necessary by the visa issuing officer. The Embassy also has the right to ask for any additional documents, if required.
  • It is strongly advised that APPLICANTS MUST NOT CONFIRM AIR TICKET BEFORE RECEIVING APPROPRIATE VISA. The Embassy cannot, in any circumstance, be held responsible for any applications which are not completed in time for your intended date of departure.
  • Applicants other than Filipino Nationals must have work permit / long term extended stay permit in the Philippines.
  • Please note that it takes an average of 10 working days for expedite visa and 21 working days for regular visa.




Step by step guideline to fill up the form for applying MRV


The applicant has to submit the following documents for an MRV:

Printed copy of duly filled-in application form (with bar code) after submission online at www.visa.gov.bd’.

The original passport with validity of at least 6 months and minimum two empty-pages with a copy of the information page

02 copies of recent colour photographs.

The photos should be-

  • Clear, with no shadows
  • Not older than 6 months
  • With white background
  • Size- 55×45 mm
  • The applicant should be looking straight at the camera
  • Photos should be taken without spectacles

Applicant of below 18 years old has to submit a written consent from parents
(either of the parents if the parents are divorced) with their copies of Passports / IDs along with applicant’s birth certificate/municipality declaration.

Other mandatory required documents as per category.

Copy of the previous Visa (if any).

Copy of the Receipt of Payment.


Mandatory required documents

The most common categories and their requirements are as follows:



Government Delegates

  1. Note Verbale

Diplomatic / other Embassy officials Visa

  1. Note Verbale

For Business Purpose:

  1. Invitation and Declaration letter from the concerned Business Company/ Organization both from Bangladesh and Philippines
  2. Duration of stay and number of entries should be mentioned and consistent in both the letters

For Engineer/Expert Worker

     1. Recommendation from concerned Ministry of Bangladesh or Govt.  Organization and 

          copy of agreement

       2. Original copy of work contract

For Study Purpose:

  1. Invitation/ offer letter from the concerned educational institutions in Bangladesh.
  2. Declaration/ recommendation letter from the concerned educational institutions in the Philippines
  3. Bank guarantee

For Tourist Purpose (only for single entry):

  1. Duly filled-in application form
  2. Invitation letter from Bangladesh along with copy of ID/ Passport of the person who invites or hotel reservation
    from Bangladesh and
  3. Introduction letter/ No Objection Letter from employer/ school/ university

For Short term visit, Meeting, Seminar, Conference (project) Purpose (only for single entry):

  1. Invitation from the organization in Bangladesh as well as the letter from the company/ organization of the Philippines

For Non-Government Organization (NGO) related visit:

  1. Letter from the NGO Affairs Bureau in Bangladesh
  2. Contract letter between the Bangladeshi organization and the applicant/ sending organization

For Investment or Employment:

  1. Letter from the Board of Investment in Bangladesh for Investment or letter from BOI/ BEPZA for Employment
  2. Invitation letter from the company in Bangladesh, along with contract.

For accompanied family members:

  1. Copy of the passport of the applicant and the latest visa page
  2. Family proof letter / declaration from the Municipality / relevant Authorities

For official/ UN/ UN organization/ ADB etc.:

  1. Invitation letter from the respected organizations in Bangladesh.
  2. A letter/ Note-verbale from the concerned organization in the Philippines.

Tablig Jamaat visa

  1. Letter from central Markas of the country
  2. Letter from Bangladesh Tablig Markas

For Journalist/ Media personnel (After obtaining necessary clearances from the concerned authorities in Bangladesh, this type of visa is issued by this Embassy):

  1. Filled-in F-I, F-II Forms & List of equipment form (Click here to download application form)
  2. Invitation letter from the organization in Bangladesh
  3. Declaration letter with the description of purpose of the shooting, Shooting spot and draft shooting schedule
  4. Original passport and necessary payment receipt only after Embassy’s clearance
  5. Flight particulars when clearance is conveyed


Please contact the Embassy


Requirements for NVR:

The applicants should have to submit the following documents for No Visa Required (NVR):

  • Duly filled-up visa form through online (www.visa.gov.bd);
  • 2/2 Picture 4 copies
  • Photocopy of existing passport including visa page;
  • Photocopy of marriage certificate for spouse
  • Photocopy of birth certificate for children
  • Passport photocopy of the applicant
  • Passport photocopy for the Bangladeshi national

Note: It may take 2-3 months for getting approval by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Dhaka

Postal Address:

Bangladesh Embassy, Manila

114, Benavidez St. Herco Center (2nd Floor),

Legaspi Village, Makati City-1229, Manila, the Philippines



Please contact the Embassy for Visa fee details.


Bank details:

Embassy of Bangladesh, Manila
Account No. 200016234078

East West Bank, Benavidez Street Branch

  • Application Submission Time: from 9.30 am – 12:00 pm.
  • Delivery Time: from 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm.